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new vid

TH4M_CR4CK a posted Apr 17, 12

Pokepat I got banned for asking my friend to go onto another server and nobody is unbanning me. This seems unfair that I can...
daanjansen HI everyone who read this can u ask gras link arti or any admin to unban me because iam banned for no reason i think it ...

new server

TH4M_CR4CK a posted Apr 16, 12
minecraft server ip: 

owners: TH4MxCR4CK,  MikeLitterous, DjDaxes, kennystalker

weegieairlines plus is my FAVORITE minecraft server
weegieairlines thank you who ever tells gras108 to unban me and give adamxd888 a warn THANK YOU
weegieairlines and tell adamxd888 if he bans me again, I will ban him when I get liter an I will show him how it feels to get banned pe...